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With new dealterms universities and spin-offs close 20 deals in half a year

Since the launch of the standard dealterms principles last spring, almost half of the Dutch universities are working with the dealterms and around 20 deals have been closed between these universities and spin-offs.

The so-called dealterm principles regulate how the transfer of intellectual property from universities to spin-offs is handled in the situation when a researcher leaves employment. Transparent agreements speed up the negotiation process between universities and young companies and so increases the chances of growth and success.

A working group from the Universities has drafted these dealterm principles with input from entrepreneurs, investors and Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) is helping to disseminate and update this first version.

Six months after its launch, startups working with it indicate that these agreements have helped them enormously in their start-up phase.

Meanwhile, a second working group is working on drafting dealterms for the situation when the university itself has an active role in building the start-up, the so-called venture building route.

Continuously updating and expanding dealterms for the different situations of knowledge and technology transfer from knowledge institutions, results in increasingly better working agreements for spin-offs and thus more impact with scientific knowledge.