From Science to Impact

The Netherlands is bursting with scientific knowledge and the creativity to develop solutions for worldwide challenges. And innovation is something that the Dutch have been doing for centuries. But this present age requires an accelerated innovative approach that will lead to even more impact from our top science. It is high time for a movement – from and for knowledge institutions, companies and government – with one aim: from science to impact.

Science to Impact
Scaling up from the heart of science
through collaboration at all levels
to ensure impact.

Entrepreneurial Scientists

A conversation with Rebecca Saive

Surely a startup should boost your standing?

A conversation with Davide Iannuzzi

A mandate from society

Synthesis - Thinking and doing

A matter of course, use and people

A conversation with Maarten Steinbuch

Quit your job for one day a week

A conversation with Hans Clevers

Build something!

A conversation with Hamed Sadeghian

How many startups did you help?

A conversation with Eveline Crone

Put it into practice

A conversation with Ernst van den Ende

Collectivity wasn’t so crazy

A conversation with Miao-Ping Chien

Get the vibe



Varsha Thakoersing is one of the ten winners of the Academic Startup Competition who were rewarded with a trip to the United States. The CEO of the medtech startup IMcoMET has just got back. What did Varsha notice and what can we learn from her experiences?


Entrepreneur Linda Dijkshoorn, CEO and founder of EV Biotech, talks with journalist Desiree Hoving about her motivation and sources of inspiration. How does she make an impact?

Policy document

Minister Adriaansens, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, announces a strategic agenda to renew the entrepreneurial climate in the Netherlands, with ample attention for innovation and knowledge transfer.

Knowledge base

Information and insights on science to impact

This report by the UK Policy Evidence Unit for University Commercialisation and Innovation sets out in detail the reality of current UK university approaches to taking equity in spinouts.


Jointly, the 4 TUs asked British consultancy firm Biggar Economics to research their economic impact, as part of 4TU's overall societal impact. The quantitative economic impact outcomes are quantified in terms of gross value added and jobs.

Policy document

Ministers Robbert Dijkgraaf (Education, Culture and Science) and Micky Adriaansens (Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) have drafted a joint vision on innovation and valorisation. More focus and funding should ensure more societal impact of knowledge from researchers and entrepreneurs.

About Science to Impact
Genuine knowledge impact occurs in networks on the basis of shared missions and a far-reaching integration of research and entrepreneurship. Creating an optimum Dutch environment for this requires action from all parties in the knowledge arena, and a focus on several related priorities. Become part of this movement and connect your own initiative.