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From Science to Impact

The Netherlands is bursting with scientific knowledge and the creativity to develop solutions for worldwide challenges. And innovation is something that the Dutch have been doing for centuries. But this present age requires an accelerated innovative approach that will lead to even more impact from our top science. It is high time for a movement – from and for knowledge institutions, companies and government – with one aim: from science to impact.

Science to Impact

"Scaling up...

from the heart of science

...through collaboration at all levels ensure impact".

Entrepreneurial Scientists

Synthesis - Thinking and doing

A matter of course, use and people

A conversation with Maarten Steinbuch

Quit your job for one day a week

A conversation with Hans Clevers

Build something!

A conversation with Hamed Sadeghian

How many startups did you help?

A conversation with Eveline Crone

Put it into practice

A conversation with Ernst van den Ende

Collectivity wasn’t so crazy

A conversation with Miao-Ping Chien

Get the vibe

A conversation with Peter Rem

Enterprising student easily beats professor


Best practice

In ten lessons, eight experienced professors of social sciences and humanities give tools to fellow scientists wishing to make impact with their research.


The finalists of the Academic Startup Competition have been announced. Young companies busy with transferring science into impactful innovations.


Are you developing a complex healthtech technology or a deeptech solution you'd like to bring to the healthcare market? Feel free to join the session from's Pole Position programme on 11 July 2022 in Utrecht.

About Science to Impact
Genuine knowledge impact occurs in networks on the basis of shared missions and a far-reaching integration of research and entrepreneurship. Creating an optimum Dutch environment for this requires action from all parties in the knowledge arena, and a focus on several related priorities. Become part of this movement and connect your own initiative.