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Movement for even more Dutch top science impact

Our world faces major societal challenges. The Dutch possess the scientific knowledge and creativity to develop the solutions required to tackle these. To us, this is not just about opportunities; it is also vital to ensure a viable and resilient future for the Netherlands.

We’ve been innovating for centuries. But this present age requires a new approach. One in which Dutch top science can have even more impact.

Science to Impact is a movement with exactly that goal: science to impact.

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Priorities Science to Impact

Impact occurs in networks on the basis of shared missions and a far-reaching integration of research and entrepreneurship. Everyone has their own role to play in these networks.

To create an optimum environment for these networks in the Netherlands, we need radical action based on a set of fundamental priorities. These interrelated priorities can only be tackled by working together. That requires grand thinking and action on a large scale.

Science to Impact movement

  • from the heart of science
  • with collaboration at all levels
  • scaling up to impact

This video explains these priorities and how they relate to each other. This website contains links to background information, publications and initiatives from individuals and parties who have joined the movement. With these links, we ensure that discussions and actions remain both tangible and relevant.

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