National Growth Fund reserves € 417 million for ''Delta Plan Valorisatie''


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Policy document

In the third round of the National Growth Fund (NGF), the government has allocated €417 million for the 'Delta Plan Valorisatie'. This proposal was submitted by a consortium of universities, UMCs, universities of applied sciences, TO2 institutions and the regional development agencies.

The NGF advisory committee commends the proposal's clear and recognisable problem definition and the need for an effective and efficient valorisation system. The strategic importance of the proposal is high and it is in line with the government policy. The advisory committee also appreciates that a large part of the KTOs, universities and UMCs support the proposal, have jointly taken up the challenge and thereby created a broad support base.

That the road to a new valorisation system is not an easy one, is shown by the advisory committee's observations that the consortium is not yet sufficiently aware of the needs of end-users and stakeholders such as incubators, private investors and ROMs, and that a central vision seems to be missing due to a lack of focus. The reservation is an invitation to the consortium to submit an entirely new proposal, with a clear coherence and relationship between system bottlenecks and the action lines. In doing so, the advisory committee hopes that the consortium can make structural improvements to the existing valorisation system.