How is Linda Dijkshoorn making an impact with her company EV Biotech?


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In this video entrepreneur Linda Dijkshoorn, CEO and founder of EV Biotech, talks with journalist Desiree Hoving about her motivations and sources of inspiration. How does she make an impact?

EV Biotech was founded in 2018 and is located in Groningen, in the northern part of the Netherlands. The mission of the company is to evolve the chemical feedstock market by shifting it from petrochemical-based to bio-based chemical production.
Find out more about Linda's dreams and motivation in this video (subtitled in English).

Video Hoe maakt Linda Dijkshoorn impact met haar bedrijf EV Biotech?

Main take-aways

  • The Netherlands is in the scientific top: In academia, the Netherlands is a leader when it comes to biotechnological developments. That knowledge is often exploited abroad. We should do that here.
  • Startup ecosystem: a better understanding from universities about the startup's business case and greater availability of venture capital in the Netherlands, are possible ways to strengthen the startup climate in the Netherlands.
  • Awareness for innovative solutions is crucial: engineered organisms do not evoke a positive image in everyone. With more knowledge and understanding about the possibilities of bio-engineering, social acceptance increases and we can make more impact with this technology.