KNAW publishes 10 impact lessons by professors


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In ten lessons, eight experienced professors of social sciences and humanities give tools to fellow scientists wishing to make impact with their research.

In a new brochure, a publication of the KNAW's Social Science Council, they argue for more appreciation for research impact and offer practical tools to get started.

The lessons:

  1. Impact is fueled by fundamental research
  2. Impact starts with defining the issues you want focus on
  3. To have an impact, your knowledge must be seen and heard
  4. Impact is (also) 'real' work
  5. Collaboration with strategic partners increases your chances of impact
  6. Generating impact takes patience
  7. Timing and opportunism are important tools to get impact
  8. Impact can take on unwanted forms - be resilient
  9. Impact is a multifaceted, layered, subtle phenomenon - so don't flatten it
  10. Impact should never be at the expense of scientific independence

The brochure was written by the following professors of social sciences or humanities: Godfried Engbersen, Andrea Evers, Beatrice de Graaf, Paul 't Hart, Anita Jansen, Lotte Jensen, Leo Lucassen and Maarten Prak.

Download the brochure (in Dutch) here