Finalists Academic Startup Competition 2022 announced


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The association Universities of the Netherlands (UNL), the Dutch Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI), Techleap and THRIVE Institute have nominated 20 academic startups - from a record number of registrations - for the Grand Final of the Academic Startup Competition 2022. They will compete for the title of 'Most Promising Academic Startup in the Netherlands'.



The finalists were selected based on team structure, business model, disruptive innovation, track record & progress and societal impact.

This year, the Academic Startup Competition consists of a diverse group of entrepreneurs who come from different parts of the Netherlands. Many different sectors are represented, including healthcare, energy, construction, quantum computing and aerospace sciences.

The finalists are:

  • Ellogon.Ai,
  • Exit071,
  • Integer technologies,
  • Lumetallix,
  • Maeve, Pharmi,
  • Quix Quantum,
  • Reefy,
  • Time Travelling Milkman,
  • Zavhy,
  • Carbyon,
  • Cellcius bv,
  • ECG Excellence,
  • Go Respyre,
  • IMcoMET bv,
  • Mantispectra bv,
  • Predica Diagnostics,
  • QDI Systems,
  • Sensip DX
  • TargED Biopharmaceuticals

Read more about the competition on the website of the Academic Startup Competition