Y Combinator: Spinning research out of universities


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Y Combinator is betrokken bij meer dan 75 spinouts. In dit artikel adresseert Jared Friedman de meest gestelde vragen en geeft hij advies aan wetenschappers die het ondernemerschap overwegen. (Engels)

This is advice for people who have done scientific research at a university and are considering starting a company to commercialize it. At YC, we've funded more than 75 companies in this situation. We also recently went on a Bio Tour where we went around to research universities and talked with hundreds of students and professors in the life sciences about commercializing their research. These are the most common topics founders have asked us about.

Topics addressed:

  • Deciding who should spin out
  • Deciding when to spin out
  • Splitting up Equity
  • Negotiating with tech transfer offices
  • After the spinout

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