From technology transfer to joint innovation


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Valorisation unleashed

Since 2005, valorisation is the relatively young, third core task of Dutch universities in addition to education and research. The aim is to make all talent, knowledge, networks and facilities in these knowledge institutions of value to society.

The potential is enormous but people nevertheless feel that more is possible and opportunities remain unused. Many of the barriers experienced are symptomatic of challenges at the system level.

The Dutch report “Valorisatie ontketend” [Valorisation unleashed] suggests five LEAPs forwards to unleash valorisation:

  1. Switch from technology transfer to co-creation;
  2. Make valorisation a fully-fledged aspect of the primary process;
  3. Create physical locations for co-creation across all TRL levels;
  4. Organise support that is nearby and thematic; and
  5. Ensure structural, continuous funding. We provide plenty of inspiring examples and ideas to achieve the LEAPs in practice.

If all five LEAPs are jointly realised, conditions will arise that enable the Netherlands to fully use the large valorisation potential of its knowledge institutions.

Discover more or download the report (in Dutch)