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Recently, several stakeholders in the knowledge ecosystem have been working on a framework for accelerating the spin-off process of companies emerging from knowledge institutions.

The framework should provide clarity on the spin-off routes that are available (e.g. the scientist becomes a full-time or part-time entrepreneur), what you agree on in the negotiation (e.g. only royalties or also shares) and what kinds of agreements will result therefrom.

The first two documents that are part of this framework have been delivered:

  •     Standard Dealterms

A year ago, the standard dealterms were launched; clear conditions that make it easier and faster for scientists to start a business. A working group of universities, investors and entrepreneurs was responsible for their creation, and the deal terms are available to all universities, University Medical Centres (UMCs) and other knowledge institutions that want to have smoother negotiations with spin-offs emerging from their institution.

Download the deal terms here

  •     Standard model shareholder agreement

Last March 2024, a new model shareholder agreement was delivered which can be used by Dutch spin-offs in which universities, UMCs or other knowledge institutions participate as shareholders. The document originated from a collaboration between Capital Waters Foundation and the tech transfer offices of TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente, Wageningen University & Research and University of Amsterdam. The aim is to help smoothen the process of spin-off establishment and make it more transparent. Read Capital Water's blog on the creation of the document.

Download the standard shareholder agreement model (scroll all the way down)