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Policy document

In a letter to Parliament, Minister Adriaansens of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy announces a strategic agenda to renew the entrepreneurial climate in the Netherlands.
Read the full letter to Parliament (in Dutch)

A few of the key points mentioned in the letter:

  • Knowledge sharing among well-functioning innovative ecosystems to ecosystems that still need to take steps in this regard. Well-functioning ecosystems in the Netherlands are Brainport Eindhoven, Leiden Bio Science Park and Business & Science Park Wageningen.
  • Better use of the high-quality knowledge developed in the Netherlands;
  • Acceleration of growth of startups and scale-ups, foster the start and growth of startups from knowledge institutions and more focus on startups and scale-ups that offer solutions to societal challenges.

Next steps

In November we can expect more news in a joint letter to Parliament from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science about the policy on innovation, knowledge transfer and impact.

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